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    Madison Dixon celebrates a home run. She leads the all-county softball team as its most valuable player.

Dixon leads team with powerful swing

Madison Dixon knows how to bat under pressure. 

She is softball’s 2019 All-Nassau County Most Valuable Player. 

She was also a member of the all-county team in 2018. 

Lady Warrior Coach Randalyn Bryant reflected on Dixon’s junior season. 

“Madison is a pressure kid. She wants to be in the pressure situations,” Bryant said. “Other kids hope it is not them up when it’s the last out or bases loaded, but she hopes it’s her. She will absolutely get in there with some fight and a whole lot of heart. She is also a great teammate. We had a freshman hit a home run this year, Madison was on base, and you would have thought she hit it. She was so genuinely excited for her teammate – way more excited about it than any home run she has ever hit.”

Bryant continued, “She works hard, doesn’t complain, and produces. As great as she is on offense, she’s just as important on defense. She can convince anyone they are great if you let her. She is as good a hype girl as she is a hitter. Madison’s numbers were great, but could have been even better if people didn’t pitch around her. I don’t blame them, but as her coach, I want her to hit.”

Bryant has served as a guiding force throughout her high school career. 

“It’s always fun with her,” Dixon said. “She’s always joking around and making the game fun. She can be strict, but she gets the point out and that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

Dixon completed her junior season with a .415 batting average. She had 33 RBI, five home runs, 11 doubles and three triples. 

Looking ahead to her final season with the Lady Warriors, the senior plans to add to her success. She has played first base since her freshman year and has participated in softball since she was a child, fueling her passion for the sport. 

“I like how it feels when you win a game and do stuff good, that you have your teammates to congratulate you,” Dixon said. “You work so hard for it and when you do accomplish things, you hit a milestone.” 

It was always her plan to follow in sister Emily Dixon’s footsteps. The 2018 grad served as shortstop and in other key positions. She plays softball for the College of Central Florida. 

“I played middle school with her one year and played high school with her two years, so like, I was just following what she was doing that whole time,” Dixon said. 

She recalled how she progressed through her junior season.

“At the beginning of the year, I kind of struggled, not seeing the ball as good and not as confident,” Dixon said. “At the middle of the year, I started, like, really concentrating and having confidence when I got to the plate and making sure that I made a name for myself instead of just hitting. I wanted to get on base instead of just hitting.” 

Her game plan is to get everyone back to home plate. 

“I want to do everything I can to make sure they get rewarded for being on base,” Dixon said. “And it’s cool to be the person that helps them out.” 

Her favorite county rival is Hilliard. 

“It’s like, more competitive, always,” Dixon said. 

The Lady Warriors are known for their speed and quick actions. 

“It’s mostly like if the ball is getting hit infield and you can reach it, like, we’ve got to get it,” Dixon said. “We’re not letting that ball get to the outfield.” 

She enjoys the bond shared with her teammates as they work through games. 

“Bre Hickox, she’s also a senior this year,” Dixon said. “She’s always keeping me in check and making sure that I’m taking the cuts I need to and taking the ground balls I need to. If I’m doing something wrong, she’s always helping me out and always reminding me of everything. She’s awesome.” 

Hope Epps has also helped Dixon up her game.

“She really starts the game off,” the 17-year-old said. “She’s gonna be really good – second base – ain’t nothing getting by her. She’s crazy.” 

After graduation, Dixon intends to play for Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville. She would like to become an ultrasound technician. 

Her love for family propels her to strive for excellence. She is the daughter of Shane and Stacey Dixon. Her paternal grandparents Frank and Linda Dixon and maternal grandparents Don and Linda Gramlich are also positive influences. 

“I would just like to make my family proud, because they’ve done so much with travel ball and stuff and my grandparents coming to all the games,” Dixon said. 

She’s already conditioning for the upcoming season. 

“I want to hit more home runs,” Dixon said. 

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