• Special Olympics teens from the North Florida School of Special Educa-tion recently joined the Timucuan Parks Found-ation for a day of kayaking, swimming and netting with Kayak Amelia.

TPF hosts special teens

Timucuan Parks Found-ation took Special Olympics youth from the North Florida School of Special Education on a special outing on the water. The group of teens, chaperones and volunteers enjoyed a day of kayaking in the Timucuan Preserve. 

Kayak Amelia guided the group from their Heckscher Drive location on Simpson Creek in Talbot Islands State Park, through the Timucuan Preserve to the Alimacani boat ramp. They also enjoyed some time swimming and seine netting for small fish and jellyfish.

“The weather was perfect for the trip, and the teens and chaperones, most of whom had never kayaked, enjoyed the adventure,” said Felicia Boyd, TPF program and outreach director. “The Timucuan Preserve has an amazing network of creeks and tributaries, and I encourage everyone to get out on the water to experience and explore our beautiful natural spaces.” 

TPF volunteers assisted with the day, as did JaxParks and REI volunteers. The outreach was made possible in part by an NPS Challenge grant, a funding award from the National Park Service and Outdoor Foundation, designed to challenge and engage new audiences and connect them with local parks and preserves.

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