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    West Nassau High School freshman Harley Miller assembles feminine products for distribution at Callahan Middle School through The Red Dot Project. She and her mother launched the non-profit in 2018.

Red Dot Project assists teen girls

The Red Dot Project helps girls out with emergency feminine products. 

Mary Miller began the non-profit in 2018. Daughter Harley, then a Callahan Middle School student, soon took it over. 

Friend Sarah Grace Lucovsky came up with the program’s moniker, which alludes to the monthly menstrual cycle. 

The school nurse at CMS distributed more than 100 bags of feminine products last school year. 

“I wanted to make sure that girls have that comfort, that they have something available when that happens,” said Harley Miller, now a freshman at West Nassau High School. 

She assembles cosmetic bags filled with a sanitary pad, tampon, panty liner and an individually-wrapped hygiene wipe. The bags usually contain encouraging messages fashioned by Harley, like, “You are Beautiful!”

Harley chose cosmetic bags because they are discreet, saying, “So no one would actually know what you were going to do.” 

It was also a way for Harley to extend kindness toward her peers. 

“I just try to be nice to everyone and I wanted to help in an awkward situation,” she said. 

Her mom said that having the products available relieves stress for some girls, especially those who may experience a menstrual cycle for the first time while at school. 

The program is possible through the community’s donations of money or supplies, including the small cosmetic bags. 

Although Harley has moved on from CMS, the program will continue. Future plans include expanding each year to a new school. Volunteers are needed to put bags together to refresh supplies, according to Miller. 

She is touched by her daughter’s thoughtfulness.

“In this time when girls are often mean, she’s always humble and sweet to everybody and that makes me proud,” Miller said. 

Donations of cosmetic bags, such as Ipsy bags, may be dropped off at the Nassau County Record.

To learn more, contact Harley at thered.project2018@gmail.com.

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