• Repairs will not begin on Orange Street until after the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Irma’s damage to the roadway.

Orange Street awaits repair

Reconstruction on Orange Street in Hilliard could start in October.

Sections of the street were damaged during Hurricane Irma in September 2017, causing the road’s closure since then. The Federal Emergency Management Agency will lead the project. 

A section of the street has a large horizontal crack across the entire lane. Culverts will also be replaced. Recent rains hit in April and caused drainage overrun along the area. 

The project was federally obligated Aug. 19, with FEMA paying 75 percent of the $1,037,601 project cost, according to FEMA spokesman Alberto Pillot. 

Town Clerk Lisa Purvis noted via email that state funds will pay 12.5 percent and the town will pay 12.5 percent of the balance.

The Hilliard Town Council unanimously approved nearly $305,000 for an engineering agreement with Mittauer and Associates, Inc. for services associated with the culvert replacements and the town’s agreement with FEMA.  

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