• Volunteer Lauren Moore installs mirrors on the walls near Callahan Intermediate School’s cafetorium during Christmas break. The mirrors were hung at students’ eye-level so they can imagine themselves as leaders.

Mirror, mirror, leaders at CIS

A wall of mirrors encourages Callahan Intermediate School students to envision themselves as leaders.

The school’s leadership team utilized the concept, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, there is a leader in us all.” It’s a popular theme that’s been used to decorate schools around the United States and shared widely on social media.

Local artist Lauren Moore spray-painted and created CIS’ layout that features colorful mirrors of various shapes and sizes. 

“The project took me 41 total hours with the help of my wonderful mother Susan, aka, Sweet Sue,” Moore wrote via email Monday. “She’s a master of cutting in with a paintbrush, so I gave her the hard and unfun tasks of trimming by the ceiling.”

Designit Graphic employees and Moore installed the mirrors at students’ eye-level during Christmas break, according to CIS Principal Monica Cason. 

Moore and staff members donated the frames.

“What I love most about the new hallway is that I was able to visually recreate an area to boost the ambitions and creativity of the 600 students,” Moore wrote. “I hope the kids walk by every day and see themselves and all the visuals and understand the message and feel inspired.”

While one wall includes mirrors of various shapes and sizes near the school cafetorium, another wall features silhouettes of children reading, dancing and playing. A third section of wall includes key words that encompass the ideal leader, such as caring, accountability, believe, courage, dreamer, service and respect.

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