• Participants create containers to protect their eggs for the egg-drop experiment during the Mad Scientist Fun Shop.

4-H groups offer community events

The Nassau County 4-H is full of activity.

The Nassau County 4-H Council hosted a Mad Scientist Fun Shop Jan. 24 for about 30 local kids. They spent the evening performing hands-on science experiments. The council members planned and led activities such as car races, slime making, ways to protect eggs when dropping them from a ladder, invisible ink writing and Mentos soda explosions. The 4-H County Council next hosts a Wilderness Survival Fun Shop March 19. 

Buggin’ Out 4-H Club hosted a successful shoe drive, distributing shoes Feb. 2. 

For the last few months, the club collected shoes to be distributed. Then the members and parents cleaned and sorted the shoes to get them ready to give out to the community. Members set up an area at Be the Change Northeast Florida’s clothing giveaway and gave out 103 pairs of shoes to those in need. 

To learn more about local 4-H opportunities for your children, call 904-530-6353 or visit www.facebook.com/nassaucounty4h.

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