Callahan native debuts new song

  • Amber DeLaCruz released "Drunkest Night," her newest single.
    Amber DeLaCruz released "Drunkest Night," her newest single.

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Amber DeLaCruz announces her debut single “Drunkest Night.” The new bluesy country single is scheduled to release Friday on all digital platforms.

“This song is definitely different from other songs I’ve released in the past. I wanted to introduce more of my bluesy side,” DeLaCruz said. “Needless to say I was fed up with a few past relationships the day I wrote this song with Mark Narmore and Jami Grooms. 

“It’s funny how past relationships that didn’t work out start surfacing again when you're finally in a good place and doing well for yourself. I told Mark and Jami about how a couple of past exes reached out to me in the same 24 hours, during a drive back to Florida. 

“I thought it was odd, so either someone died or I won the lottery and didn’t know about it. They asked me if I ever reconnected with one of them and I quickly laughed hysterically, saying, “Not even on my drunkest night would I ever do that.’ They both laughed and said, ‘Well, there’s our song.’”

DeLaCruz brings a different sound to country music with her raspy, soulful voice. With influences like Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, P!NK, Miranda Lambert and more, this song brings a whole lot of attitude and sass. 

With songs like “Take It On Home,” “Are You Ready?” and “I’m From The South,”  DeLaCruz aims to prove that she is a force to be reckoned with. The Callahan native and West Nassau High School alumna plans to release five more songs within the next year.