Legal Notices May 20, 2020





FILE NO. 45-2020-CP-157CPAXYX





(Summary Administration)


You are hereby notified that a Petition for Summary Administration has been filed in the estate of BETTY JOYCE HAMLIN, deceased, file # 45-2020-CP-157, by the Circuit Court for Nassau County, Florida, Probate Division, 76347 Veterans Way Yulee, Florida 32097; that the decedents date of death was March 6, 2020.  The names and addresses of the proposed personal representative and proposed personal representative’s attorney are listed below.  ALL INTERESTED PERSONS ARE NOTIFIED THAT:

All creditors of the decedent and other persons having claims or demands against decedents estate on whom a copy of this notice is required to be served, must file their claims with this court ON OR BEFORE THE LATER OF 3 MONTHS AFTER THE TIME OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE OR 30 DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF SERVICE OF A COPY OF THIS NOTICE ON THEM.  All other creditors of the decedent and other persons having claims or demands against decedents estate must file their claims with this court WITHIN LATEROF 3 MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE.  ALL CLAIMS NOT FILED WITHIN THE TIME PERIODS SET FOR IN FLORIDA STATUTES SECTION 733.702 WILL BE FOREVER BARRED.  NOTHWITHSTANDING THE TIME PERIODS SET FORTH ABOVE, ANY CLAIM FILED TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE AFTER THE DECEDENTS DATE OF DEATH IS BARRED.  The date of first publication of this notice is May 13, 2020.

Person giving Notice:

Joseph David Hamlin

27357 West 10th Avenue

Hilliard, Florida 32046

Attorney for Person

Giving Notice:

Micolle D. Rosenberry, Esq.

45023 Mickler Street

Callahan, Florida 32011

(904) 805-8881

NCR 2T 05-20-27-2020



Notice is hereby given 

to the following

persons at the last known

address of:

Christopher L. Calhoun, Jr.

95322 Mobley Heights Rd

Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Richard E. Carroll

2918 Carroll Conner Rd

Hilliard, FL 32046

Pursuant to Section 98.075, Florida Statutes, you are hereby notified that you are potentially ineligible to be registered to vote. Failure to respond within thirty (30) days after this notice is published may result in a determination of ineligibility by the Nassau County Supervisor of Elections and removal of your name as an active voter from the statewide voter registration system. Please contact the Supervisor no later than thirty (30) days after the date of this published notice to receive information regarding the basis for the potential ineligibility and the procedure to resolve this matter.

Vicki P. Cannon

Nassau County

Supervisor of Elections

96135 Nassau Place, Suite 3

Yulee, Florida  32097

Telephone 904.491.7500

Toll Free 1.866.260.4301 


NCR 1T 05-20-2020



SECTION 001000 -


Notice is hereby given that The Nassau County School Board, hereafter referred to as Owner, will receive sealed Bids from Pre-Qualified Firms for the following:

Classroom Building Additions Wildlight Elementary School 550 Curiosity Avenue

Yulee, Florida

NCSD Project No. 98950-24200

This project will be constructed under a Single Prime Contract with all bids received on a lump sum basis. Each proposal shall include all labor, material, and services necessary to complete the project in strict accordance with the Construction Drawings and Project Manual.

Bids will be received at the following place, date and time: PLACE: Board Room

Nassau County School District

1201 Atlantic Avenue Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

DATE: Tuesday, June 23, 2020 TIME: 1:00 PM (Local Time)

All bids received at such place, date and time will be publicly opened and read aloud. Bids received after such time will be returned to the respective Bidder, unopened.


Complete and detailed Bidding Documents are now on file and may be examined by prospective Bidders, during normal business hours, at the following locations:

Project Architect:

R. Dean Scott, Architect, Inc.

126 W. Adams Street,

Suite 602

Jacksonville, Florida 32202 904.598.0072

Document Vendor:

DMCS Digital

(Affiliate of Southside Blueprint, LLC)

Attn: Clark Williams

1910 Huntsford Road

Jacksonville, Florida 32207


(Public Advertisement Dates: May 20, 2020, May 27, 2020 & June 3, 2020)

Complete sets of Bidding Documents may be obtained by Bidders on or after May 18, 2020 by contacting the Architect or Document Vendor at the contact information listed above.

In accordance with the Instructions to Bidders, a non-refundable charge shall be paid by cash, check or charge for each complete printed set or electronic copy of bid documents from Document Vendor. This is the sole method to be used to become identified as a registered plan holder and bidder of record. All pre-qualified General Contractors submitting bids must maintain status as a registered plan holder and bidder of record through this method. Any or all Addenda shall be distributed electronically to all plan holders of record.

Each bid must be accompanied by a bid security, which shall not be less than five percent (5%) of the Base Bid, in the required form and submitted in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders.

The Bidder to whom an award is made, shall furnish a 100% Performance Bond & Labor and Material Payment Bond in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders.

No bid shall be modified, withdrawn or canceled for a period of sixty (60) calendar days after the date and time set for receipt of Bids.

All Bidders were required to pre-qualify to the approval of the Owner as approved by the School Board on February 13, 2020.

Bidders shall attend a MANDATORY pre-bid conference with representatives of the Owner and Architect to discuss securities, contractor's work and storage areas and requirements for contractor's personnel working on the Project.

MANDATORY Site inspection and pre-bid conference will start at 1:00 p.m., local time, June 4, 2020.

Bidders shall submit all questions and requests for substitutions to the Architect no later than 5:00 p.m., local time, on June 12, 2020. Questions and requests submitted after this time shall not be considered.

Nassau County School Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids; is not obligated to accept the lowest or any other bid; and may waive any formalities in bidding procedures.

Date: April 13, 2020

By: Jeffrey L. Bunch,

Director of Facilities

NCR 3T 05-20-27-2020 and 06-03-2020