WN plays at David Crosby Field

Warrior softball players now win games at David Crosby Field. 

The field was dedicated in the assistant coach’s honor Monday night. Crosby has assisted the Warrior softball program for more than 12 years and has coached in various capacities for nearly 50 years. He dedicates time to field maintenance for West Nassau softball and provides support to the team. 

Coach Randalyn Bryant, Dean Richard Pearce and Principal Curtis Gaus collaborated to bring the field dedication to fruition. Crosby had been ill recently, yet still didn’t miss any time at the field. 

“He kept working even though he was sick, and we just wanted him to know he was appreciated,” Bryant said.

Crosby began assisting at West Nassau in the early 2000s and has become an integral part of the softball program.

“It makes my life so much easier to just be able to coach softball. I don’t have to worry about getting the field ready, or cutting the grass. I get to spend all my time on practice,” Bryant said. “From cleaning, to painting, to scrubbing the concession stand down, he does it all.”

She added, “David is also really, really funny. He provides a great amount of humor. To the girls, having a field as nice as we do gives them a certain pride about being a Warrior. They are proud to be Warriors, and they can’t wait to play here. They all love Dave ... from the kids I started coaching eight years ago, until now. He’s the glue that holds it all together. The seniors love him and the freshmen that come in will too.” 

Crosby is assisted by WNHS alumnus Staten Dempsey, who Crosby has taught how to work and socialize with others. 

“There are very few people who devote their life to one passion. There are even fewer who devote their life to two. David Crosby is that man. Softball is his first passion and Staten is his second,” said Staten’s mother, Dana Dempsey. “As his mom, there is not enough I can say about him. We are so very blessed to have had the privilege for Staten to be an integral part of WNHS softball … the changes are immeasurable. The softball family has taken him in with such a manner we do not have to worry about him when he is at the field. That speaks volumes for Callahan and the love that they display for not only special needs people but the public in general. Why would anyone want to live anywhere else is beyond me. We are a blessed little town.”

Staten was a freshman when he first approached Crosby, who took him under his wing and showed him how to maintain the athletic fields. Staten is 23 years old now and the duo continues to show Warrior pride with their efforts.


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