Two lifters medal at state meet

Two Nassau County weightlifters earned medals at the Class 1A state competition Friday.

West Nassau’s Chance Terrell placed second in the 183-pound weight division while Hilliard’s Ian McBride placed fifth in the 219-pound division.

Terrell’s best bench press was 340 pounds while his best clean and jerk was 255 for a 595-pound total. First place went to Citrus’ Robert Yoakham, who benched 385 and cleaned 275 for a 660-pound total. Terrell, a senior, finished 5 pounds above third-place winner Marcaun Robinson of Clay.

It was Terrell’s second trip to state. He also qualified for the meet in 2017 and finished in second place while competing in the 169-pound weight class, where he lifted a 580-pound total.

McBride’s best clean and jerk was 260 pounds while his best bench press was 325 for a 585-pound total. The senior was actually involved in a three-way tie for total weight, but the senior’s personal body weight of 207.2 was smaller than Mosley’s Nick O’Brien, who was 6 ounces heavier than McBride, and Graceville’s Joseph Claiborne, who weighs 2.4 pounds more than McBride. They finished in sixth and seventh place respectively.

Pensacola Catholic’s Patrick Richardson won the division with a 600-pound total, including 295 on the bench and a clean and jerk of 305. He tied with Father Lopez’s John O’Neil, but his personal weight of 205.8 pounds to O’Neil’s 213.6 decided the winner.

In third place, Bay’s Justin Pippin finished with a  595-pound total while Lemon Bay’s Thomas Chaney had a 590-pound total to earn fourth place.

Also competing in the 219-pound division was Yulee’s Steve Mogavero, who finished in ninth place with a 575-pound total, including a bench press of 330 and clean and jerk of 245 pounds. Mogavero also competed in the weight division at state in 2017, finishing 13th with a 580-pound total.

Hilliard junior Landon Conner finished eighth in the 139-pound division. His best bench press was 245 pounds while his best clean and jerk was 200 for a 445-pound total.

West Nassau senior Garrett Anderson placed 13th in the 154-pound division. His best clean and jerk was 225 pounds and his best bench press was 240 for a 465-pound total.

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