• Florida State of the Arts plates help fund Nassau County programs related to arts and culture.

Plate sales fund art programs

A total of 71 active State of the Arts license plates are in use in Nassau County. These specialty license plates fund local cultural programs.

Florida has several specialty license plates available. Each specialty license plate has an authorized recipient. The state keeps $5 from each plate purchased and then passes the balance of the surcharge on to the authorized recipient. 

The Florida Times Union compiled a list of the top 10 authorized recipients based on dollar receipts from the specialty license plates from 2012 through 2017. At the top of the list is the University of Florida with the recipient goal of “benefitting academic enhancement.” In the last five years, UF has received more than $13 million from the license plate fund. The recipient in 10th place is the United States Marine Corps’ scholarship fund, which received more than $3 million in the last five years.

If you purchase a State of the Arts specialty license plate, which supports art and culture in Florida, funding from plates purchased in Nassau County is returned directly to the county.

The Nassau County commissioners have designated Arts and Culture Nassau as the organization to manage these funds for the benefit of all county citizens. While the Nassau County license plate fund receipts over the last five years of $18,000 pales in comparison to the UF fund receipts, it is money that is available to directly benefit Nassau County residents.

Currently, however, there are only 71 active State of the Arts license plates in Nassau County. Even with that limited number, Arts and Culture Nassau has been able to make a local impact.

Arts and Culture Nassau instituted a grant program to support non-profit organizations in Nassau County with youth programs in the area of arts and culture. It has an updated brochure promoting non-profit arts and culture organizations in Nassau County to both residents and visitors. Arts and Culture Nassau also hosts an annual community forum for arts and culture organizations in Nassau County as a medium for these organizations to interact with the Nassau County community. 

The forum will be held Oct. 6 at the Peck Center auditorium, 516 S. 10th St., Fernandina Beach. All organizations in Nassau County with youth programs related to arts or culture are invited to come and set up an informational table and activity for children. The organizations are also welcome to do a five- to 10-minute presentation featuring their programs. 

An RSVP is required by Monday to Liz Taylor at Liz@ameliamuseum.org or 904-261-7378, ext.100. The event is free and open to the public to peruse the various programs and opportunities available for their children or grandchildren.

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