• Greater Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church Senior Pastor Reginald R. Edwards, Sr. sits in the newly renovated sanctuary.

Church rejoices renovations

Greater Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church members celebrated the sanctuary’s renovation Sunday. 

A special service was held at 4 p.m. Senior Pastor Reginald R. Edwards, Sr. delivered a sermon. Dr. Jeremiah Robertson with the St. James Missionary Baptist Association served as moderator. 

Edwards expressed excitement for the days ahead.

“Those who have been through the renovation process with us, we’re happy and excited to have gone through it together,” he said. “I believe it has brought us closer together as a church family. For those members of the church, both past and present who have not been able to attend, we invite you back with open arms. The work of God’s kingdom is bigger than just the few of us. We all need each other.” 

The sanctuary renovation proceeds from front to back, including raising the baptismal pool’s height, refurbishing the pulpit, pulpit furniture and church pews, updating the audio visual equipment, sealing the sanctuary windows, adding insulation to the walls, installing a tray ceiling, new lighting, HVAC system, blue carpet and new tile in the foyer. The church offices were also renovated. 

The sanctuary was last updated in 1977. Before the interior upgrades started, the roofs to the sanctuary and the Robert Denefield Educational Building were replaced. The surroundings reflect the next era in ministry. 

“We thank God for our forefathers and what they built before we got here, but I believe it’s time for us to make our own contribution to the beautification to the Lord’s church,” Edwards said. “What Grandmamma and what Granddaddy did was good, but it’s time for us to take what they did and run even farther.”

Edwards highlighted the congregation’s strengths. The historic assembly was founded in 1872. 

“The church is a very nostalgic church and because of that you have a lot of people who were sages who made their mark in the history of the church, but we must in this day and time serve this present age for the upbuilding of the kingdom of God,” the pastor said. “It is our prayer that we, in the future, will be able to do other building projects to enhance what’s already been done here both past and present.” 

The renovation project cost about $90,000, with the congregation and the community contributing toward the cost. 

The contractor worked with the church to reduce expenses, according to Edwards. Parishioners will continue to raise about $25,000 to $30,000 necessary to finalize the job. 

As the months progressed, those in the midst of the renovation remained focused on daily tasks. 

“This whole process has been fostered by faith,” Edwards said. “I would be untruthful if were to say that at times my natural man was not scared to death at what the outcome would be. But I thank God for a praying mother, father and grandparents who raised me to have faith in a great God.” 

The pastor is grateful for the support. 

“It’s been wonderful to have people like church secretary Lillian Lambert, Deaconess Miss Willie B. Garvin, Mission President Maxine Simmons and faithful member Alma Jackson. They have been here on a daily basis just making sure things are moving and going and I greatly appreciate it.”

Lambert is thrilled with her new surroundings. She joined the church when she was 9 years old.  

“I’m excited and every day I come in here and I tell the Lord ‘thank you,’” she said. 


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