Local veterinarians agree that puppies and kittens require medical care that continues on through all stages of their lives.   

Ewing Park updates deliver a more natural setting for visitors.

Members of the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, West Nassau High School Air Force JROTC run from WNHS to the parking lot near Callahan Barbecue during the Special Olympics Torch Run in Calla


Four Nassau County weightlifters earned state medals Saturday.

Warrior softball players now win games at David Crosby Field. 

Two West Nassau softball players will continue on to play at the collegiate level next year.

Ariel McCullough and Hailey Wills celebrated their commitments March 1.


Sara Nelle Vaughn Warr, 94, of Hilliard, Fla. passed away April 24, 2017 following a lengthy illness.  

James Fuller Higginbotham, 68, of Yulee, Fla. passed away in his home Friday, April 21, 2017.

Edwin B. Miller, 57, of Statesboro, Ga. died at home April 11, 2017. 


Callahan Mayor Bobby Rau portrays a candy maker as he greets the crowd gathered at the Greater Nassau County Chamber of Commerce’s Christmas parade Saturday morning. Retired Nassau County Schools S

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